Vice President, Vice President, Secretary

30 years ago, when Fapel was founded, my parents were involved as volunteers in all the work of their parents association. When I joined Fapel in 2005 and i knew it involvement in EPA, this encouraged me to attend regularly the GA, where I saw the great potential for EPA to exchange experiences, meet other realities and, especially, the ability to influence policy national educational and European institutions.

We the parents must defend, as a inalienable principle, is our responsibility as primary educators of our children, and our right to choose the education for them that we believe more in line with our principles and family project.
I`m father of seven children, aged 17-5, and my involvement in their education along with my wife has been complete and they have always been the reason for our involvement in educational volunteering.
I write a blog about educational issues, I am active in social networks especially in areas related to education, and also impart lectures on these topics to pairs and mothers.