I’m a working mother and was an active member of the EPA board for more than a year before being elected president.
I was born in Budapest in 1969 and I’ve lived there ever since. I’m married and we raise 2 boys. In my professional life I manage a cultural foundation specializing in quality but popular culture, especially for children and youth, organise events, do PR and marketing for cultural organisations and other NGO’s. I have some publications in the field of managing NGO’s and I also had a collection of tales published. I’ve been editor-in-chief of a cultural news and opinion website for 8 years where I regularly publish articles, especially on literature, theatre and film. I was a civil servant for 8 years and I also taught at a 12-grade school before becoming a civil servant. I have a degree as a teacher of Maths and English, and also as an economist specialised in PR.
I’ve participated in the work of different NGO’s for nearly 30 years mainly dealing with the rights of the child, students’ rights and parents’ rights. I’ve been active in the local parental board ever since my son started education 13 years ago. As a former teacher I have a more in depth knowledge of both the education system and pedagogy. I think I can be more empathic for this reason that helps working together in real partnership.
I think it very important to strengthen our relationship with different EU institutions as well as the Council of Europe and European level NGO’s. Also I think it just as important to find ways and resources to have a constant dialogue with member associations, to support our members in their respective jobs they are doing in their countries. We have to find better ways to share information, experiences, news and best practices amongst EPA members. I would also like to keep the good spirit of EPA that made me feel I want to be a part of and keep or make other members feel the same.