I N V I T A T I O N to the General Assembly and International Conference

to be held on April 27th-29th, 2018 in Milan, Italy

Co-organised by EPA, AGeSC and FAES

The European Commission has announced its commitment to creating a European Education Area partly to establish a policy framework providing the path towards Sustainable Development Goal 4: Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education. When EPA published its Manifesto 2015 envisaging 21st century education provided by education systems offering equitable learning environments for all children and their parents, based on a free and informed choice for parents on the education of their children that should never be restricted by the financial capacity of the family, UNESCO published its own vision calling for establishing education as a common – rather than public – good. This approach, based on childrens’ and parents rights demands governments to make informed and unrestricted choices possible for parents for an education that is best for the individual child as well as society.

This conference will focus on challenges European countries and European parents are facing for real equity: an equal opportunities approach of some countries, double financing by parents, inclusion of learners of diverse talents and needs, geographical differences, cultural differences, migration.


The conference is held in English.

Friday, April 27th, 2018 – Stocktaking of equity issues

9:30                     Visiting the FAES School

11:30                   Visiting Carlo Porta School

13:00                   Lunch at Carlo Porta School then transfer to the conference venue

14:00                   Registration

14:30                   Official opening – Presidents of the hosting organisations

15:00                   Engaging parents to narrow the achievement gap – keynote by Prof. Janet Goodall, University of Bath

16:00                   Coffee break

16:30                   Workshop sessions on equity for different talents and needs

Workshop 1 – Participation for combatting discrimination (Integrate-ED) – Luca László

Workshop 2 – Engaging parents to narrow the achievement gap – Janet Goodall

Workshop 3 – Overcoming challenges in science and mathematics education (ELITe) – Eszter Salamon

18:30                   Panel discussion on workshop outcomes with Prof. Janet Goodall

19:30                   Dinner at the canteen



Saturday, April 28th, 2018 – Challenges and Solutions

10:00                   Policy input by the Professor João Costa, Secretary of State for Education of Portugal

Inclusiveness and excellence in Education and Training – the latest EU policies – Anna Barbieri, European Commission

Challenges of equitable access to education in Italy– Luisa Ribolzi

11:30                   Coffee break

12:00                   Inspiring practices from Italy

                            Educating street children – Sara Ferraioli, Maestri de Strada, Naples

                            Closing the digital divide – Eleonora Panto, D-Schola, Torino

                            Involving families to overcome disadvantages – Eugenia Carfora, School Head from Naples

13:10                   Round table – Challenges of equity in different European countries

14:00                   Lunch

15:00                   Financial and organisational challenges

                            Education as public good – the way forward – Conny Reuter, Secretary General, Solidar

15:30                   Workshop session – Equity and inclusion from organised parents’ perspective – with a coffee break

Workshop 1 – Educating difficult-to-attract children – Sara Ferraioli

Workshop 2 – Closing the digital divide – Eleonora Panto

Workshop 3 – Financial issues around equitable access to education – Janko Korošec and Anton Meden

Workshop 4 (Italian-speaking) – Involving families to overcome disadvantages – practical experiences – Eugenia Carfora

17.30-18:30         Panel discussion: A rights-based approach to equity in education

19:30                   Conference dinner



Sunday, April 29th, 2018 – Inclusion and equity after the refugee crisis

9:30                     Collaborative learning for equity in education – Finland’s experiences – Prof. Mika Risku, University of Jyväskylä

10:00                   Workshop session – sharing and challenging national good practice (with a rolling coffee break)

Workshop 1 – Opening up schools for inclusion and training teachers for this (Open School Doors) – Brigitte Haider

Workshop 2 – Inclusion of parents with disabled children (ELPIDA) – Herminio Correa

Workshop 3 – Collaborative learning for equity in education – Prof. Mika Risku

11:00                   Coffee break

11.15                   Closing plenary – workshop reports and conclusions

12:15                   EPA General Assembly – for EPA members only

13:30                   Lunch

14:30                   EPA General Assembly – continued – for EPA members only

In all organisational questions please contact Brigitte Haider

e-mail:        GA@euparents.eu
Tel. no:        +43-664 562 4043