EPA`s General Assembly in Liechtenstein saw, amongst other things, the inclusion of two new full members, ESZME (Hungary) and PEEP (France).

EPA`s General Assembly in Liechtenstein was held on Friday afternoon in Vaduz. Thanks to the local organisers EPA could welcome about 100 delegates and partners. The meeting with representatives of possible future members from Albania, Latvia, Slovenia and Switzerland was made possible.

It is a great pleasure to announce the acceptance of two new Full members: ESZME (Hungary) and PEEP (France).

During the conference the Slovenian representatives handed the formal application of ZASSS for Affiliate Membership.

EPA-President Johannes Theiner receives the letter of application from Anton Meden, President of the Slovenian Parents` Associationa ZASSS.

As Michèle Retter (Luxembourg) finished her second term the GA had to decide about two vacant seats in the board. Oren Gostiaux (France) and Eszter Salamon (Hungary) were elected.

The board elected Benedikte Ask Skotte (Denmark) to take the role of the Vice-President.

The new EPA board (left to right): Joachiom Klesen (Germany), Oren Gostiaux (France), Benedikte Ask Skotte (Denmark, Vice-President), Léopold de Callatay (Belgium, Deputy Treasurer), Johannes Theiner (Austria, President),Doreen Camilleri (Malta, Secretary), Lorenzo Dionis (Spain, Treasurer), Brigitte Haider (Austria, Project Manager)and Eszter Salamon (Hungary)

The programme started with school visits, included a reception at the seat of the government. Minister Hugo quaderer who is in charge of educational issues welcomed the delegates and introduced some aspects of policy making in Liechtenstein. After this reception the guests were gudied through the new Parliament-building that was opened February 2008. During the tour a lot of practical procedures of the daily work in Parliament were presented.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie opened the conference. Being not only the mother of four children but also experienced as treasurer of a parents` association she spoke encouraging words and claimed equal access to quality educatrion for all European children.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie talking to EPA-President Johannes Theiner

The conference Together looked at aspects of learning in a multicultural society. Among the speakers were a young and an experienced teacher who reflected their views on the changing environment for learning children. A young Muslim woman introduced to the experiences of the Turkish migrants in the second and third generation. Experts from various fields contributed their share to a colorful pattern of aspects of learning.

A very rich Parents` Bazar brought together a lot of parents` initiatives and partner associations who presented their activities.

Among the workshops was one chaired by Dr. Mustafa Boz and Michèle Retteraddressing Turkish parents. This offer was well accepted and marks a first successful step in EPA`s mission to represent parents from allgroups in society. The discussion about participation in school and society revealed a number of challenges.

EPA-delegates were honoured to have a reception at the castle. Princess Sophie and the Prince of Liechtenstein Adam II welcomed the delegation and entered in a lot of conversations with. In his words of acknowledgements EPA_President Johannes Theiner balanced the visit: “We have heard that Liechtenstein is frequently called a Pearl odf Europe. We have seen this pearl shine and revealed the warm heart in it.”

EPA is very grateful for the unique event that was made possible by Liechtenstein`s Dachverband and the enormous efforts made by Barbara and Tony Stockwell who had been reprepsenting the DEV among EPA for many years.