EPA conference and General Assembly in Hamburg


The conference was dedicated to the topic Integration and Inclusion in School.

The autumn conference and General Assembly in Hamburg were dedicated to the topic “Integration and Inclusion in School”. About 100 attendents took part in this meeting. EPA delegates from all over Europe met a strong German delegation representing all the “Länder” (federal provinces) of the German Republic.

Some practical experience was gained by the visit of two schools in Hamburg who already implemented inclusive concepts.

The opening speech gave an overview on the academic concepts for inclusive education and discussed challenges as well as benefits.

Two contributions from Hamburg dealt with the practical experience from a teacher`s and a parent`s point of view. All contributions gave a promising impression of possible benefits by inclusive school practice. There also was evidence of the required supply with material and personal resources to open the best and most situmaling learning environment to each individual child.

The catalogue “Index for Inclusion” was presented on the second day followed by parallel workshop sessions. Practical aspects and the experience from various contries were discussed.

The EPA-markeplace gave floor to a number of initiatives and projects.

After EPA`s General Assembly a boat tour on the Elbe served as a comfortable closing of the event which gave another opportunity to exchange minds and discuss future cooperations within and beyond EPA.

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