The label LifeLongLearning should be kept alive.

EPA is member in the European platform EUCIS-LLL bringing together 30 European stakeholder associations active in education and concerned of Active European Citizenship. Among the common positions adopted is the communication released on December 15, 2011 commenting the European Commission`s concept for the Future Programmes in European Education.


Beyond this text EPA points out that the label LifeLong Learning should be kept alive! The new title Erasmus for All is not linked to any experience or organisational structures beyond students` exchange in formal tertiary education. LifeLong Learning on the contrary gives a clear message by the name itself. The ambiitious goals set in the EQF/NQF-concept by the Commission and linked to the label LLL are far from realised. Especially Validation and Recognition of Nonformal Learning are an ongoing challenge that has been and will be focused by our association together with the partners. We will not leave the development of strategies and brands to the Commission but want to introduce our expectation and experience.