APCCS, the Maltese Association of Parents of Children in Church Schools, celebrates its tenth anniversary. By this occasion a conference was held titled:

Parental involvement in school … to enable our children to reach their full potential
Il-Parteċipazzjoni tal-ġenituri fl-Iskola … biex it-tfal jilħqu l-milja tagħhom)

EPA President Johannes Theiner was invited by APCCS-President Doreen Camillerito come to Malta and present “the European Experience and Vision“.

At the conference Prof. Charles de Forges gave one of his encouraging speeches about the incredible scope of parental involvement. Prof. Carmel Borg, teacher educator in Malta, presented his considerations about what teachers need to learn to be prepared for partnership with parents. He outlined a very balanced 28 hours course to deal with this issue at in-service teacher training. The concept starts by analysis of the status quo at the teacher`s school and focuses on policy, strategy and practice.

School principals and representatives from PTAs (the administrative boards at the schools) presented their concepts and experience. A vivid discussion came up with regard to a new methodology for learning Mathematics. The Abacus-method is experienced as secret by parents and hinders them to assist their child in homework.

Another hot discussion dealt with recent decisions to apply state school testing at church schools. These church schools represent about 45 % of Maltese schools and are rather renowned but still inclusive as they are not based on school fees.