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Parental Involvement in School and Preschool Activity Conference by Fondacija Tempus, Belgrade, Serbia

With the aim of establishing better cooperation among teachers, parents and children, The Ministry
of Education, Science and Technological Development together with the Foundation Tempus and
Eurydice Network are organising a conference entitled ‘Parental Involvement in School and
Preschool Activity’. The event is taking place on 12th May 2017 at the Metropol Hotel and gather
representatives of ministries and local self-governments, school and preschool teachers and heads,
representatives of parent associations, as well as parents themselves, with a view to promoting exchange of
information among all stakeholders.
The conference will give participants an opportunity to learn about advantages and challenges of parental
involvement in school and preschool activity, significant initiatives launched to further mobilise parents in the
Republic of Serbia and Europe, and information and communications technology that can be used for
communication between schools/preschools and parents.
The conference aims to raise stakeholders’ awareness of the importance and possibilities of parental
involvement in school and preschool activity in order to enhance education policies and increase the quality
of education.
The conference is expected to produce the following outcomes:
• Increased stakeholders’ knowledge about current initiatives and possibilities of parental involvement
in existent cooperation models between parents and schools/preschools.
• Increased awareness of the role of parent representatives and possibilities of improving their activity.
• Collecting feedback from conference participants on advantages and shortcomings of existent and
potential models of cooperation between parents and schools/preschools.
• Recommendations for all participants, namely: ministries, local self-government bodies, parent
associations, schools, preschool administration, parents in general, potential donors, etc.


May 12 2017 - May 18 2017


09:00 - 17:00